Deluge Performance & Accreditation

We are an industry leading team with extensive knowledge and experience in all forms of Fire Safety Deluge System Management. Our highly talented team have clocked hundreds of hours not only testing the performance of these systems but in their design, fabrication, installation, and where required repair. 

The Clearwater Fire team offer clients both options of Wet and Dry Testing of their deluge systems. The aim of Clearwater Fire is to work with every client to create a Deluge Management Plan to not only provide one off testing of their assets but to manage them moving forward. Testing only to comply with HSE requirements is not best practice and with proactive discussions a management plan can be implemented to ensure the systems not only meet performance, but this done with less interruption to both on/offshore operations and personnel man hours.

All testing conducted for our client comes complete with individual field reports, area reports, a final close out report covering all results, recommendations with all images and video evidence taken during operations. Clearwater Fire use the above information to create a timeline of each deluge module to ensure accurate management and early warning of potential changes or disruption to any system.

Our teams are fully certified in the use of rope access techniques to not only perform the testing required but undertake investigation works. Minor repairs are possible as the team carry industry leading tool kits to ensure we reduce the requirements for remobilisations and additional costs to our clients.

Key benefits include:

•    Accurate accreditation of individual system performance

•    Multi disciplined team members can assist with adapting work scopes

•    Rope access teams can conduct multiple work scopes during one mobilisation

•    Documented evidence of performance with a history of previous tests

•    Timeline of system performance to ensure abnormalities are quickly identified

•    Proactive management plan