Fire Extinguishers

We are an authorised distributor for the innovative P50 fire extinguishers manufactured by Britannia Fire Ltd. This unique, patented solution is a game changer compared to traditional steel units. With a 10-year guarantee, no costly annual service requirements and are corrosion free. EN3 and MED approved, there is no other extinguisher quite like it. This generates a significant cost saving over a 10-year period.

The P50 extinguisher range represents a new and improved generation of fire extinguishers.

With massive cost saving benefits, reduced weight and lower environmental impact, P50 extinguishers provide the first truly sustainable option whilst also offering enhanced performance and financial benefits. The P50 is available in Foam, Powder and F-Class variants across a range of sizes. Fully certified for offshore use. In addition to the P50 Range, we also supply, install and maintain Fire Extinguishers utilising our BS5306 qualified engineers. 

In addition, Clearwater are also pleased to offer the following services:

Fire Risk Assessments 

We can provide full fire risk assessments for your business in line with current Legislation.  This is undertaken by our IFireE qualified engineer including:

  • Assessing the need for fire safety provision, including fire detection and alarm systems, firefighting equipment, signage, emergency lighting, training, and management systems.
  • Identifying all possible fire hazards
  • Considering fire risks and reducing the fire hazards where possible
  • Assessing the means of escape to ensure all occupants can safely and quickly evacuate the premises

Fire Training

  • Fire Awareness Training

Designed to give your staff a well-rounded awareness and understanding of the risks posed by fire, advice on hazard spotting and actions to prevent fires and an understanding of how to react to fire related incidents.  Duration 1.5 hours.

  • Fire Warden/ Marshal Training

Designed to ensure staff who have been nominated as a Fire Warden have the necessary skills and knowledge to equip them to fulfil the role.  Duration 2.5 hours.

  • Fire Extinguisher Training

Focused specifically on the use of Fire Extinguishers in the workplace. It aims to ensure staff understand how to correctly handle and use a fire extinguisher, as well as helping them develop an understanding of the variety of extinguishers available, and what they are for.  Duration 1 hour.